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Welcome to my Hearth

 This is a friendly and informal circle to discuss and participate in shamanism and shamanic practices, to inform, to educate and to entertain.


"The Shaman walks respectfully in a world of wonder and gratitude, of energy and spirit, of completion and oblivion, a world of many realities. 

The Shaman understands that intent, wilfully focussed intent, allows them to touch levels of existence beyond and behind the physical. 

The Shaman seeks to see what is really there, not just what is apparent."

In This Site:

Home Menu - Here you can download .mp3 journey rhythms, join in our forum, find frequently asked questions [and answers], view our links and resources and meet the author, Craig.

Introduction - This is the ideal place to start.  Each page is presented - in the menu and the site - in a progressive sequence and starting at the Welcome and Foreword page and working your way down is ideal.  A variety of sequentially relevant topics are discussed which surround Shamanism & Shamanic practice in general.

Basic Concepts - Specific to Shamanic learning, these concepts are foundational for any further discussion or exploration of Shamanic practices.  Topics covered include: the Shamanic model of Life, what Shamanic practices can include, the Shamanic state of mind required to practice,  the three worlds model common to almost all shamanic practices world-wide, the Shamanic journey, and read about the concepts of power animals and spirit guides.

Deeper Concepts - Expands upon discussions started in Basic Concepts and introduces a number of topics beyond those already covered including: the three kingdoms, personal totems, demons and entities and spirits and elementals.

Shamanic Practices - Deepens the discussion of the Shamanic Journey and discusses some excellent pointers for beginner's journeys to the middle, lower and upper worlds.

Light Work - Details the practices grouped as, 'Light Work' and includes: Journeying, Clearing & Cleansing, Basic Healing and Counselling.

Shadow Work - Represents a group of practices considered deeper than those of Light Work and include: Advanced Healing, Soul Retrieval / Recovery, Seeking and Searching and Soul Guidance.

Dark Work - Gives an overview [only] of the concepts and practices of the deeper and more arcane practices within Shamanism.  This section's topics include: curses & attacks, demon extractions, dispossessions and exorcism.



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