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Introduction to Shamanism

 and Shamanic Practices


Welcome to the Introduction, an ideal place to start!  In this section you will find:

Welcome and Foreword - This sets the tone for much of the information contained in this site and is recommended reading before delving into the rest of the topics herein.

What is a Shaman? - Defining what a shaman is, and even more specifically, what a Shaman is not.  Also discussed, the 'Plastic Shaman' and the concepts of industrialised versus traditional society.

Why Industrialised as a Term? - Identifying and illustrating the concepts of Industrialisation as a mechanism with its own traditions and stories.

Safety and Discernment - Not everything is love and light in the Shamanic worlds and it is critical to discuss not only the Rules of Light, but also how to keep yourself safe and to keep your discernment active.

Definitions and Meanings - Many terms used in this site do not adhere to their common 'Judaeo-Christian' or 'popular' meanings.  Please take the time to gain an understanding of the Shamanic definitions of these terms.

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