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Foundational Concepts

 of Shamanism


The topics covered in this section are integral to understanding the concepts which are the foundation of [effective] shamanic practices.  Whilst not necessarily a part of shamanic practice per se, these concepts are foundational to [industrial] shamanism so completely that they need to be appreciated before any meaningful discussion can take place regarding the deeper and more specific shamanic techniques.

In non-industrialised society, these concepts would be conveyed (paraphrased, of course) by stories and lore.  Industrialised people lack this store of information indoctrination and need to honour our traditions of learning, those of reductionism and constructionism.

In this section, Foundational Concepts of Shamanism:

Where does shamanism fit with orthodox religion?  These pages discuss, in overview, the religious impact of shamanic topics and offers the reader reconciliation of shamanism with religion.  Although a spiritual practice, shamanism does not complete with, prohibit nor profess any specific religious viewpoints or agenda.

Shamanism and Science - A look at the scientific application of Shamanic Practice and the physics that make up the backbone of how a Shaman does what they do.  Quantum level observation gives way to temporal distillation and multiple timelines in this overview based in part on the principles of Quantum Temporal Dynamics.

The illusion of knowledge and the challenge of understanding.  The impossibility of absolute truth, the fragility of facts and the pursuit of understanding are all discussed in these pages.  This section challenges all who are sure of the way they think their world works!

Shamanic Model of Humanity is an important discussion examining how the Shaman views a person, in fact any living thing.  This section releases the need to 'let things go' and instead, offers a much more workable, conscious choice based solution to challenges based upon this shamanic model to be built upon when discussing healing practices later on.

The Illusion of Good & Evil - Examines the energetic truth of the concept that good and evil are simply constructs of society rather than inherently positive or negative things.  A person who kills may be a murderer, but may also be a soldier or a warrior in defence of the lives of others.  The judgements of good and evil must be relative and are therefore malleable.



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