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The Outer Mind

 of the Non-Physical & Enduring Mind


The outer mind layers are similar in their structure and function to the inner mind, but rather than being bound to a single entity, they represent an ever expanding intertwining non-linear mind reality which ultimately binds all life as one within the Psi Field - the enduring pool of all relativistic observations. 

An individual consciously interacting with a communal outer mind will experience all the memories, thoughts and experiences of those other component minds in the first person.  Unshielded merging results in a non-linear experience (in the first person) as memory with no ability to edit or temper the experiences based upon their own personality’s viewpoint.  I have never heard of someone who successfully merged and disengaged an outer mind level as the human, linear mind can not tolerate the non-linear experience and the information that comes with it.

Like journeying into any realm outside of the middle kingdom, please only ever consider this with someone who you can trust implicitly to preserve and protect you whilst you learn how to protect yourself and survive in these waters.

The First Outer Mind (OM-1) is the super-conscious mind of the individual.

OM-1’s role is that of repository of all experiences, thoughts and memories of the individual.  Like a superior filing system, OM-1 is a timeless cache of all an individual is in thought and experience.  The entirety of this individual's enduring, relativistic observations.

OM-1 is the area which may be accessed by the meta-conscious and sometimes IM-3, recognised as prescience, déjà vu or inspired thought.  When OM-1 interacts with IM-5 or IM-6, the result can be quite spectacular works of art and other inspired creative works.

The Second Outer Mind (OM-2) is the familial mind and is the first level of the mind which becomes shared between individuals.  OM-2 is also the extended familial (of self and kindred spirits) mind, encompassing the first and second outer minds of those within the procreative pathways of their own family, the energetically bound individuals (long term spouses etc.) outside of the direct procreative pathways and of their kindred spirits from the pre-existence.

The involvement of energetically bound individuals is the pathway for the significant level of expansion of OM-2 over OM-1.  Similar in resonances with IM-3 & 4, OM-2 may be accessed by training or sometimes by natural abilities.  In the latter case though, the non-linear data may be without reference to such a degree that the untrained adept is incorrectly classified as delusional or schizophrenic (see IM-3 discussion).  Limited conscious exposure to OM-3 may be conducted by a trained or guided adept, identifying and in some cases, locating kindred spirits consciously.

Under exceptional circumstances, or in cases of strong genetic compatibility within a close family branch, the familial OM-2 may also be accessed in random bursts by a fourth inner mind.  The phenomena noted around empathetic experiences of twins is a great example.

Through training of adeptness, conscious interaction between OM-2 and the fifth, sixth and sometimes the seventh inner minds may occur.  Conscious and full interaction between an individual’s inner mind and OM-2 forces the expansion of the individual mind to invest in and become a part of all familial minds which are part of OM-2.

The Third Outer Mind (OM-3) is formed of strong energetic patterns created by, and effecting all of those within a race, or a very extended familial line tracing over a single, or in some case multiple races.  OM-3 also resonates with, and is sympathetic to the third and fourth inner mind of every involved mind of the particular race.

Conscious interaction between an individual’s inner mind and OM-3 leads to the expansion of the individual mind to invest and become a part of all minds within the racial pool to which the individual’s mind belongs.  I have not heard of an untrained or unguided adept ‘falling’ into the OM-3 but conceivably it is possible.  I would not anticipate a linear mind to survive an unfiltered interface with this level.

The Fourth Outer Mind (OM-4) is the shared mind of all of those within a species (and possibly within a genotype rather than an individual species specifically). 

OM-4 also resonates with, and is primarily sympathetic to levels one to four of the inner mind.  The third outer mind resonates with the energies and collective experiences of the entire species as a whole, without censure.  

Through training and adeptness with one of a natural ability, conscious interaction, being the union of this level of the outer mind and the entire inner mind may occur, bringing about a strong prescient ability regarding peoples actions, motivations and responses, because the nature of all people will be known and to an extent understood, dependant on the level of consciously shielded interaction achieved between the individual and OM-4.  A full melding with OM-4 is one where, if the mind survives intact, brings about a total species empathy and knowledge.

The Fifth Outer Mind (OM-5) is formed by the planetary bond and origin that all life of a single origin must share.  OM-5 resonates with the higher levels of the inner mind, influencing altruism, planetary consciousness, and conservation instincts, as opposed to conservation ideals found in the fourth and fifth inner mind.

OM-5 whispers constantly to the upper two levels of the inner mind, influencing an understanding of planetary belonging, and a connection with all life on the planet of origin.

Conscious interaction (if possible without energetic transcendence) of the individual mind at this level forces the expansion of the individual mind to experience and meld with all of the life of common origin, from the earliest microbe to the most distant form of life yet to be (in our linear concept of time), if it survives intact.

The trained and guided adept may find and filter their way through the previous five levels, but for a linear-bound mind to enter the sixth outer mind, a consciousness of that level must act as a guide and protector.  It is sheer magnitude and non-linear reality which prevents a linear mind from functioning with even those concepts in place as multiple first person experiences in planetary and interplanetary (where, like ours, the origins of physical life are shared amongst planets within a galaxy) scales.

The Sixth Outer Mind (OM-6) is the galactic mind and is composed of all life within a cosmological gathering, typically a galaxy or galaxies if a common point of origin exists within the physical origin of those structures involved.

OM-6 is the second last level of the outer mind and is typically so great in sheer volume that few non-linear minds can possibly make even a partial transition into this reality without becoming shattered.  The sheer volume of experience that is encountered at this level simply has no way to fit into a linear mind, much less most non-linear minds.

The Seventh Outer Mind and final layer of the outer mind is the Mind Of Life (OM-7), investing all Life that is, has been or will be in our Universe, according to our linear time reality.  Any singular consciousness that occupies the Mind Of Life has experienced all that can be experienced in the first person.  From 'being a sun' to 'being a microbe' locked into cosmic debris after a planetary collision, sending life into new reaches of a galaxy.

The Mind Of Life is pure Spirit and encompasses the whole spiritual Probability of our universe, the glue that holds it [reality] all together, that directs and governs.  OM-7 holds within it the forces generated by all life and matter, containing within its role the essential foundation and formation of matter within this universe. 

Conscious interaction of an individual mind with the Mind Of Life brings about an irrevocable and total melding with all levels of existence, if it survives intact.  Anything which has been, lived or will be is a part of this OM-7 (because it has lived, or even just existed, it has possessed some form of mind or at least mind energy).

OM-7 represents the entire relativistic (enduring) observation set of our physical reality and continuum.

There is another level outside of this reality, The Eternal Mind.  The sum total of all OM-7s of all universes existing within the realms of Possibility and Potential.  The practitioner is warned that the frames of reference in this realm are likely to be so strange that it is hard to conceive of any situation where a linear mind could touch this plane and not be shattered.

Understand that there are many, many, many universes existing for the sole purpose of facilitation of energy exchange between Potential and Probability.  Life supplies relativistic observations not only of what is there, but of thoughts, feelings, imaginings; essentially providing a massive boost in possibilities beyond direct observation alone.  This is the mechanism of endogenity that is the multiverse and is the reason that ours, and all other universes are biased towards the formation and continuity of life.  Life creates chaos and chaos is merely many times many possibilities.





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