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Shamanism & Science

 examining the hypotheses around science and shamanism


At first glance, many would consider the realms of science and shamanism completely irreconcilable.  I see the eyes of scientists' glaze at shamanism's first mention, just as new-agers glaze at the first scientific evidence [counter to what they believe].

If 'it' truly exists, then 'it' must be explicable both by science and shamanism!  Whilst not delving into a full-on and in-depth debate, please allow me to raise a few points for consideration from both sides of the fence.

Both science and shamanism are arts of observation first.  Both shamanism and science attempt to explain the world around them without omission.  Does it not stand to reason that both may be approaching the some of the same points from different routes; in principle at least?

Science regards almost anything that does not deal with the physical and the physical alone to be 'fringe' science at best.  One of the greatest hurdles presented by this point of view is the mounting weight of scientific evidence that thought and intention proactively and profoundly influences physical outcomes.  The growing pool of quantum observational phenomena consistently evidences that relativistic observation alone is enough to collapse a wave of potential into a physical particle; that intention can form patterns of response in 'unconnected' experimental processes.

Quantum Temporal Dynamics explores this [hypothetical] edge of science in examining the nature of time and matter.  QTD holds that we, all of us, have only one past leading to this point in present time, our moment of realisation and observation.  In our future lays myriad possible paths and processes but a process called temporal distillation resolves these potential futures into the single, most enduringly energetic present moment (timeline) possible.

Temporal distillation occurs at all levels, whether universal or concerning a specific person's path.  The most enduringly energetic timeline will end up the one followed.  This is important to understand, hence its repetition.  The final act of temporal distillation is the point of observation,.. now.

A shamanic practitioner seeks in essence to alter the energetic path of their client / people.  By bringing about influence within a person's path, the Shaman attempts to make one closely balanced (but more preferred) timeline the dominant one.  The fate of an individual rarely impacts a planet, but it's damn important to that individual.

We know through science that observations, quantum level relativistic observations, collapse wave forms into particles.  Such observations are persistent past the point of observation.  Is it not reasonable to state that the ACT of observation locks in (through probability's function of resolution) and distils history into a specific time line. 

Life is a mechanism of observation.  Let me back up a bit,.. there are two types of observation, autonomic (chemistry) and relativistic (relative and/or comparative).  The way the universe works relies of these two observation types.

Autonomic is pretty straight forward; one atom interacts with another, its particles interact in chemistry, which is autonomic observation pretty much defined right there.

Relativistic observation happens when something observes something else beyond chemistry.  To see the stars and moon in relation to our earth is to observe these things in relation to each-other.  This is a part of how the universe works and why it is so biased towards life, but more on this on QTDs primary site.

The big thought here is that life also has thought which makes greater numbers of relative observations possible, offering greater numbers of potential futures that chemistry alone can.  We, as people, wonder about love, we imagine scenarios and we dream, all things which impact our universe (locally) just as heavily as the chemistry and relative observations we make daily. 

Now if one form of observation is persistent, it is timeless.  Timeless means WITHOUT time!  It either conforms to our linear reality of now OR it works outside of our linear reality.  Thought, emotion, experience, knowledge, understanding,.. it all resides within the structures of the outer mind (to be discussed soon) which do not conform to linear time.

If a thought can transition time's linear grasp, the mind must too, at least to some extent.  No whole human mind can openly occupy a non-linear space and not be irrevocably and destructively altered.  We will discuss this in far more detail in pages to come.

The Shaman seeks to provide influence within the paths of the future, selecting a path more preferred by energy and counsel.  By altering observations slightly so that one path is chosen over another.  This is not outside of science, but rather, at the leading edges of science.  Science and art collide at fundamental levels in repeating coincidences through history, we see collective transmission of thoughts and ideas (100th monkey stuff here!), expectations influencing outcomes.

Science seeks to explain everything,.. and like it or not, the physical outcomes of shamanic practice require more explanation than a label of, 'imagination over intelligence' and other, similar lazy dismissals.

In the near future, science will come to understand much of the shamanic world just as Modern Shamanism must acknowledge and embrace science.  They are two disciplines on a collision course as the understandings of both force the eventual acknowledgement of the other's rules and concepts.




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