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The Structures of the Mind

 in the Physical and Non-Physical


In the next section, we will be discussing the nature of the realms in which a shaman may interact consciously.  Crucial to this discussion is an understanding of the nature and structure of the human mind.

Our minds exist both captive to our physical body and as a part of the non-linear reality of the outer mind existing in spirit form alone.  There are seven distinct "layers" or levels to both the inner and outer minds. 

The inner minds are anchored within the body’s structure of physical, emotional and energetic linear reality (the brain,.. mainly anyway). 

The outer minds are without linear form or linear reference and can not exist within a physical linear reality. The outer minds are anchored to spirit, persistent observations of thought and relativistic observations, the probability of spirit.

A reductionist start to our discussion is required.  Industrialised, linear study requires identification of and understanding of the component parts.  Once this is established, we can then integrate our parts into a whole. 

To avoid confusion, let me introduce the acronyms now.  IM-1 to IM-7  refers to Inner Mind level's One through to Seven.  Similarly, when we get to the Outer Minds, OM-1 to OM-7 represent Outer Mind level's One through to Outer Mind Seven.  I will introduce each in text and then use the acronym thereafter.


 The Inner Mind IM – 1 Base functions of metabolism and life processes
  IM – 2 Deep sub-conscious mind
  IM – 3 Sub-conscious mind
  IM – 4 Lower conscious mind
  IM – 5 Higher conscious mind
  IM – 6 Lower meta-conscious mind

IM – 7

Higher meta-conscious mind


 The Outer Mind

OM – 1 Individual’s super-conscious
  OM – 2 Familial consciousness
  OM – 3 Racial / very extended familial consciousness
  OM – 4 Species / genotype consciousness
  OM – 5 Shared origin of physical life (typically planetary or bigger)
  OM – 6 Galactic Regional Mind
  OM – 7 Mind of Life, Universal Mind, (omnipresent/omnipotent)




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