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The Three States of Being

 and our role within them


I wish to set aside comparisons and parallels between shamanism’s three states of being - linear, non-linear and corporeal - and those of Potential, Probability and their energetic exchange, emerging in quantum physics at the moment.  Although these are clearly analogous, I will draw these into our conversation at a later point and remain just within shamanic descriptions for now.

I will rephrase these concepts a number of times in the paragraphs below so don’t get too worried if I have not made it fully clear for you early on.  Please bear with me as this is a bit like trying to describe the taste of a pear to someone who has never tasted one.

One definition set important to our discussion is that of linear and non-linear. 

Linear has a past, present and future; it is a consistent progression along a perceived time-line.  Our physical (corporeal – with body) universe is linear. 

Non-linear is without past, present and future, it is one moment containing all, a soup of infinity.  Science has now advanced far enough that it is ‘bumping’ up against the non-linear in the form of super-positioning, collapsing wave theory and much more, but more on this later.

The shamanic reality of our universe is a complex interplay of energy, matter and spirit.  Allow me to specify that I am not talking about theologies here (biblical definitions etc.), but rather, this is more a discussion mirrored in physics too.

Spirit and energy are non-linear, polar partners, positive and negative.  The concept that spirit and energy are non-linear is essential and central to understanding the nature of our physical universe.

The linear, corporeal existence we know as our physical universe is an interface point science calls an event, a place of exchange between energy (Potential) and spirit (Probability).  All events have event horizons; the multi-phase transition points between the elements constructing an event.  Don’t sweat it if that is a bit vague right now, explanations are coming!

Essentially, energy is potential without form; likewise, spirit too is formless, but it retains the morphic memories and resonances including the experiences and knowledge of its linear existence.  Spirit echoes the Probability which resolved it.

Corporeal (physical) existence [primarily life] generates the Potential, elemental energy. Spirit requires exchange with that energy and gives rise to the physical with which to be alive to complete the cycle; resulting in the enduring Outer Minds, the ‘oomph’, the guts, the power behind our three states of being.  Where the potential for spirit exists, so must the energy through which that spirit can manifest and exist.

Let’s try it from another angle.  Energy is pure non-linear potential without form.  Spirit is the non-linear, cumulative pool of thoughts, feeling, emotions, experience and being that has come from linear existence.  Matter is the event state of energy’s transition through linear matter into spirit.  Without energy, matter can not be; without matter, spirit can not be; without spirit, energy can not be.

In a non-linear void, the immediate and quasi-infinitely vast possibility and potential of life must be realised.  That potential creates an immense state of energetic inequality abhorred by all observed sciences. 

This vast potential must call into being energy so that matter and its potential may be realised.  Think of these (very inaccurately but very conveniently) as positive and negative electrical charges needing to act in a circuit.

It is interesting that when I propose this to ‘classical physicists’, they dismiss it quite fast.  When posed to quantum theorists, the response is often more of a thoughtful, “hmmm, let me think about that for a while…”; typically followed by some variant of, “you know, that kind of falls in line with the work of…”.

Life and matter generates Spirit whilst it acts as a medium of exchange between Potential and Probability.  This is the energetic reality of the three states of being.  It is the impetus of the non-linear and the linear and the energetic medium which constantly recreates our physical universe from moment to moment.  Matter modulates Potential's resolution and distillation from formless energy to defined Probability, or spirit - spirit being essentially the sum total of all matter’s reality, knowledge and experience. 

Understand here that I refer to all lives, animate and inanimate (to us) of all worlds and of all matter.  If matter begets life, then all matter is required for life.  A bit like the Zen statement that, ‘either all is holy, or none is’.  Either all matter contributes to Spirit, or none does 

OK, time for a re-phrase – let’s put it another way again: spirit forms energy into matter on one part of its cycle - imagine a ‘figure 8’ here - and the potential of spirit manifests its counter and collaborative deconstruction of matter back to energy in a cycle which self contained.




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