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Basic Concepts in Shamanism

 and Shamanic Practices


Welcome to Basic Concepts in Shamanism.  Rather than offering words of repetition throughout this text, I must assume that you, the reader, have already absorbed the introduction and foundational concepts chapters; if not, may I suggest that doing so will facilitate greatly the understanding of this section's topics including:

The Sovereignty of the Individual discusses the so called, "Rules of Light".  A simple but far reaching set of guidelines to preserve the rights of others to explore and open their own paths.

Three Worlds - Many terms used in this site do not adhere to their common Judaeo-Christian based popular meanings.  Please take the time to gain an understanding of the Shamanic definitions of these terms and names.

The Calling of a Shaman - Discussing the concept of Shamanism being a Calling in the truest sense of the word.  Covering also some of the traditions considered a call to Shamanism by many traditional and non-industrialised societies.

Light, Shadow and Dark Work - A detailed overview of the natures and meanings of these different levels of Shamanic practices.  Rather than indicating good and evil, light and dark in Shamanism refers to the depth of each practice (and its relative complexity and dangers) in a way similar to water getting darker the deeper you swim.

Shamanic Practices


Shamanic State of Mind


Shamanic Journeying - This sets the tone for much of the information contained in this site and is recommended reading before delving into the rest of the topics herein.






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