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Shamanic Sight and Journeying

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As described in the preceding sections, what is experienced in a shamanic journey may be literal and tangible or vague and almost without form, or even formless and intuitive only.  There will be times when you are sure that nothing happened, only to remember something later, almost like the memory of someone else.

Peter Gorman describes his discernment along the lines of making a list of the ten thousand most likely things he would think of on a subject; when he sees something that is not on that list, he feels that he can depend on that vision pretty well as being a real shamanic experience.

The journey happens when the practitioner drops their brain activity levels into the realm of Theta waves, normally only accessed fleetingly, if at all, whilst awake and conscious.  As the Theta level is 'locked in', the mind is freed of its typical constraints.  The journey will then typically follow the intent for the journey (never a, 'let's see what happens.', that is without respect).  The information often seems irrelevant, but teaching is presented and the wise practitioner takes it all in and looks for the answers afterwards, often by then so obvious that the looking part is not needed.

The normal experience of a rhythm based journey is a period of relaxation, settling into the drum or rattle beat's 'groove'.  Then you may feel and experience just about anything.  You may go speeding over the plains, see the land before men, after men, form the view of an eagle or sparrow,.. just about anything.

The intent of the journey is all important, and the intent, when well fixed and desired, will be addressed in a journey, even if you missed it the first time around due to a personal blind spot.  Sometimes a journey addresses the personal blind spot first - which can often be quite confronting; the spirits involved figure that the one journeying does not come there unwillingly and they will do what is needed, not necessarily what is desired.

A desire to repair a relationship might end up as a strong lesson in not being a prick when it comes to another's idiosyncrasies, with the journeyer coming back feeling a bit like they've just been beaten up spiritually.  They asked for it, and got the answer.

Discernment is important.  Just as there are tricksters and opportunists in life; predators and prey, so are there the same mix in the spiritual and energetic worlds.  Curanderos of the Amazon tell the seeker to ask, "Are you my teacher?" to any who present in a journey, if they are not of good intent, they will go away, or at least distance themselves somewhat (provided a shaman is providing a sealed area for your journey, otherwise it is up to you). 

If you find an entity you do not want to deal with, take a deep breath and through tightly pursed lips blow a long stream of air to remove them.  If you are still feeling in peril, call to your supervising shaman (who is probably up to speed already, just waiting for you to ask). 

Most of the time, this will not happen unless under the influence of hallucinogenic plant teachers.  Please do not use entheogenic substances for shamanic purposes without a guiding shaman to help and protect you.  At least, not until well practiced; then you will not want to do this anyway.




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