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The Sovereignty of the Individual

 The 'Rules of Light'


These guidelines are here to guide your understanding of what it means to practice in the Light [good, positive].  Breaking any of them, for any reason - no matter how convincing an argument, no matter how compelling the reasoning - is not practicing in the light.  This is a hard and heavy way to say it, I know, but accurate none the less. 

Once you can accept the reasoning behind these rules, you are well on your way to understanding the sovereignty of the individual.

Understanding these guidelines and adhering to their principles is far more easily said than done.  This is all related back to using meta-physical (meta - beyond) talents and abilities in recognition of the cyclic nature of our universe. 

A personís sovereignty is sacred and may not be infringed upon at any time. 

Sovereignty is defined as self determining and self contained.  This means that in respecting a personís self determination, help may not be offered beyond the physical without a direct and uninfluenced request for such help.  Until such help is requested, it is their own Path to walk, just as it may be their Path to ask for help.  Be warned against arrogant beliefs that you might know better than the person who is walking the Path what is right for them. 

You do not know how their trials might fit into the larger plan of the Universe.  Infringing, influencing or invading on anotherís sovereignty is not practicing in the light.  (In science, there is a principle called, "the law of unintended consequences" which describes a seemingly good decision and intervention causing unforseen results down the line.)

A personís privacy is sacred and may not be violated without permission for any reason. 

Regardless of how trivial, meaningless, convincing, compelling or seemingly vital to the survival of all, a personís being may not be entered without their express permission and within any limits offered by them. 

One who enters or invades another [beyond the spirit of a permission given] is not practicing in the light.

A personís free will is sacred and may not be knowingly or conspiratorially compromised for any reason. 

Free Will is defined as a personís right to choose their own Path from the options visible to them at a particular time, regardless of how detrimental some of those options might seem to another. 

Each person has the intrinsic right to make their own mistakes and it is their Path to live with the consequences of their choices.  Invading, influencing or exerting force of any kind on anotherís Free Will through the exercise of non-physical ability is not practicing in the light

(Note - advice, counselling, physical and rational intervention falls under a part of the options of that person, this 'rule' applies to metaphysical influence applied directly to the mind of another)

A personís Path is sacred and may not be changed, influenced or altered knowingly or conspiratorially for any reason. 

Knowingly or intentionally altering a personís understanding beyond that which they have asked to know; metaphysically manipulating their decision making process or changing circumstances around a person to alter their path is not practicing in the light.

Our mass media is brilliant at fostering terror, distrust and hatred when our individual experiences might otherwise present the opposite view.  Many in 'white' society feel threatened by a person with dark skin, despite the fact that most have NEVER had a negative dealing personally or directly which could justify that conditioning AND that it was a person with white skin that last ripped them off! 

Why is this happening?  Our governors find it easier to control a population with paranoia and fear rather than good policies.  Hate and distrust distracts from ideas with less survival priority.  How much do you feel like discussing home grown vegetables whilst facing a snarling Doberman Pincher? (Watch the movie, "Wag the Dog" for a great illustration of this principle in action.)

For whatever reason, you have ended up here reading this text as a part of your own free choice, you have not been coerced or forced to come and read this information. It is a part of your Path to read these things; it is also your choice to accept or reject these concepts too.

In summary; Each of us is a sovereign individual responsible for all of our own actions and the consequences of those actions.  Whether fostering racism or tolerance, an attitude of positivity or victimhood, the individual's right is to experience their own reality.  These guidelines are to help those involved in the metaphysical arts to preserve the rights of others and guide themselves and their actions AND intent.





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