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The Three Worlds

 of the Shamanic Middle Kingdom

This is a description of the Three Worlds, common to all Shamanic practices I know of, regardless of origins.  The Three Kingdoms we will cover soon, and these are rarely discussed in any great detail except within the ranks of Shaman who deal in them.  The Shamanic Journey generally is limited to voyages within the Middle Kingdom to what are recognised as the Three Worlds.

The basic divisions are Lower, Middle and Upper.  (Tolkien fans,.. yes, the very same as lower, middle and upper earth from the Lord of the Rings epic.)

The Lower World is a world of energy, raw and dynamic Potential.  A world of animal, plant and echoes of matter's origin.  Journeys to the Lower World are often associated with animal guides, power animals, discussions with trees, forests, mountain ranges, continents etc.

The Middle World is the energetic and observational analogue of our physical world.  Remote viewing, seeing, visiting and projections are all conducted mainly in the Middle World.

The Upper World is the realm of Spirit.  Note that the capitalised Spirit is used, not spirits in multiple, although this is where they dwell too.  Journeys to the Upper World often take place in contact with spirit guides, ancestors and sentient spirits.

The famous Axis Mundi, or World Tree is a common analogy of the Three Worlds, with the crown representing the Upper, ground representing our physical Middle and the root system representing the Lower worlds.

To help understand the relationships within these worlds, A shaman may communicate with the energetic essence of an animal, plant of thing in the lower world; with an aspect of a specific person or thing in the middle world and with the spirit of either an individual or corporate identity or thing in the upper world.

I have watched a shaman communicate with Barramundi (an Australian fish of great importance to those who seek food in Australia's northern waterways) in the upper world and be given permission to take a specific individual form a specific location.  Then without hesitation, he walked to the nominated spot, cast, caught the fish, gave thanks to Barramundi for its sustenance and went home.  Once is a coincidence,.. I never saw it fail,.. not once!

The same shaman negotiated in the middle world with a specific salt-water crocodile who was terrorising a child and mother on an island bank following a mishap.  Instead of attacking (almost a certainty with salties), he negotiated that the monster leave the child and mother, but return later, at a designated place about two kilometres away, to receive a wallaby as a gift of thanks instead.  Whilst crocs do commute over time, this was far outside of the normal behaviour of a salty.  At sunset the following day, the same croc was on the nominated bank (he had some distinctive scars), calmly took the offered wallaby carcass and departed in a set of highly atypical behaviours.

When asked about a problem with fishing management many miles away, the same shaman journeyed to the lower world and asked the fish what was wrong.  He learnt that they were being effected by overfishing of a food source by part of his mob (clan) to the north.  He contacted the shaman of those people and they agreed to not take the specific shellfish for a season.  Next year, both shaman imposed bag limits and prohibitions to protect the fish stocks, which rebounded perfectly.

Many would question the coincidence levels of these recollections, but they are consistent and are echoed anywhere that shaman exist.  Why would the spirit of a fish accept the loss of individuals?  It is the natural cycle of life.  It honours the cycle upon which we all depend.  I never once saw a large female taken by the clan, nor did I see them denied in times of need by a spirit who supplied what was needed, for a price.  Always, the transaction must benefit all to be effective.

Often, the Shaman planted some seedlings on the river bank to provide the negotiated price for the individual, giving the fish more places to hide and breed.  The father happily swapped a day's wallaby hunting for his wife's and child's life.

This is a very broad look at a set of worlds foreign to most who will read this text, but I invite you to explore, at your own pace the next section, the Shamanic State of Mind,..





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