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Intermediate Concepts in Shamanism

central to learning

So much misinformation and disinformation has been sent out regarding these concepts, I feel that they need their own section for clarity. These are the subjects, of totems, power animals, guides and spirit guides.

Most importantly, having a spirit guide, power animal etc is not a path of ease, releasing one from the effort of learning!  They will aid when appropriate, but the old saying that, "God helps those who help themselves." is still true here too.

Animal and spirit Guides are representative of those energies with whom you have found a deep simpatico.  Differentiated on this page are guides and power animals, where the latter whilst important to any shamanic work, are often transitory.  Please take some time to absorb what is said here as it is truly important in understanding all that is to follow.

Totems - revelation of a person's totem is a powerful and profound event which is a shaman's pleasure (mostly).  When a person is born, their individual makeup, their chemistry, drives, ambitions etc resonate most strongly with a specific creature or thing,.. their totem.  A person with a Cape Buffalo totem may be belligerent and use their totem as an excuse for that behaviour.  The shaman tells us that a person's totem shows their lessons and trials, not just their strengths.  Understanding totems is central to understanding many aspects of shamanic practice.

In the next section, advanced concepts, we will explore the three kingdoms, temporal distillation and observation, and spirits and elementals and well as demons and entities.




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