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Demons, Entities, Ghosts and Other Denizens

 of the shamanic realms

First off, let's make sure we are NOT using Judaeo-Christian definitions here!  Organised religious definitions have no place in this discussion because the terms have been used for many more years with different meanings, predating the Christian era by many centuries if not millennia.  Let's define these terms now.

An ENTITY is any non-corporeal energetic structure or mind like structure which demonstrates cohesion and [at least the hint of] intent.  Virotes of the Amazon shaman (poison darts and arrows shot psychically at others), Siberian curses and many others are negative examples of simple entities at their 'upper' boundary.

A DEMON, in shamanic terms is a semi-independent, semi-self-perpetuating energetic entity.  It can not survive outside of its host (for long or at all).

A DEMON may also be an independent, self-perpetuating energetic energy with intent, some level of sentience and can survive without a host indefinitely.

A GHOST is similar to the description of the independent demon above but is always the dislocated energetic corpus of a passed, sentient individual (not necessarily human though).

SLIME, is the energetic detritus of stagnant energy.  Any strong thoughts not channelled, strong desires left unaddressed right through to the energetic residue left by a sťance where amateur practitioners fail to clear any energies raised.  Like water, it has to be moving to be healthy. 

Stagnant energy turns toxic; energy's purpose is to move.  Often physical ills can be triggered or worsened by slime.  A resentful teenager thinking resentful thoughts may actually accrue enough slime to manifest a physically expressive entity made totally of resentment.  Probably no need to say that this entity is not beneficial?

[Ed. - there really is no common definition for this, so let's stick with 'slime' in homage to the 1980's movie, Ghostbusters.]

OK, now we've defined these terms, let's look at their uses.  Demons may be created by a shaman to eat cancer and excrete pure life force energy, building in numbers until the cancer is gone, and then expiring of their own accord with nothing further to eat.  This being a single example of a myriad of beneficial uses of demons.  Naturally there are nasty ones too, but more on this in Shadow and Dark Work.

A shaman might use a demon to exist with a person (also called a watcher in wiccan terms) and give accurate connection and feedback from that person. 

Particularly strong watchers (made of a shaman's spirit) are Guardians or Protectors, capable of channelling the abilities and actions of the shaman directly in response to any attack or other trigger.  Caution - this is not something to do lightly or without great reason, a lot can go wrong, substantially weakening the incautious practitioner.

Ghosts may act as companions if of the right motivation.  The Australian creature known as a Bunyip is an amalgam of many generations of shamans, each of whom gave a piece of themselves to the Bunyip in exchange





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