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Advanced Concepts

 in foundational shamanism

In this Advanced Concepts section, we are to discuss many things which will challenge the realities of most readers not familiar with shamanic work.  Even those familiar with some of the principles of shamanic practice may find these topics beyond their immediate experience.  Not to worry though, each is a logical and foundational step into the shamanic world.

First, we shall look at the concept of the three kingdoms.  The most familiar to all but a few will be the middle kingdom and the three worlds model of most shamanic practice.

Next, we shall explore the process of temporal distillation and observation, understanding how observation governs reality - warning - there is some basic science content in this too.

Demons and entities are not always nasty, in contrast to the Judaeo-Christian constructs of many of the readers here.  The terms are the same, whilst shamanism's use of these terms predates structured religious practices by many centuries.

Spirits and Elementals round out our tour of the more advanced and esoteric denizens of the shamanic realms.

It is only once our common terms of reference are established that we can discuss the actual principles and practice of shamanic skills and the reader is commended for staying the course and covering the preliminary work prior to forging ahead into the descriptions of the various shamanic works.




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