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Temporal Distillation

 and the path of history

Time, our history, our knowledge of the past and our anticipation of our future, our actual existence – this is our temporal reality.  Our temporal reality moves both toward and away from a state of entropy[1].  This is not as contradictory as it first seems.  If you accept, just for the moment, that our universe is ‘powered’ by life (Psi energy), then the resulting historical branch offering the greatest continuation of life is the one [by definition] with the most energy. 

This energetic dominance ‘calls’ history into its path of greatest energetic continuation.  The continuity of the [material] present flows along the specific branch of history in which more energy (holds more possibilities and potentials) happens than in any other branching. 

To satisfy the requirement of history to follow the most energetic branch, as many and as varied potential futures as possible are required.  This requirement for as many future paths as possible results in our surge towards entropy.  Our present requires the most complex set of futures possible to have available the strongest branch possible to follow.  As the present consumes the future, that which was chaotic is drawn into a singular history.

Now for the ‘fun part’; the ‘winning’ branch of history exerts its dominance to become the ‘trunk’ of history, resulting in two things.  The new present forms many more potential futures which collectively exert their energetic wrestling match to see which branch gets to continue the story.  Those ‘losing’ branches are blinked back into material non-existence, hence our travel away from entropy.

Unfortunately for specific lives within this whole, this does not necessarily mean that history chooses a present most beneficial for all individuals; we are talking universally here.  History, as is nature, is dispassionate. 

A sun going supernova and wiping out a single planet of life is likely to have little impact on the whole universe, especially if the radiation from that supernova sets something else in motion which results in more life than if it did not explode.

Let me try another angle,.. imagine a single path which is history, leading to the present.  Of the myriad possibilities that have been potential from any moment in that history, one single future has been energetically dominant.  All of those myriad possibilities that arose from every moment no longer happened, just the single procession of history’s path leading to the present. 

The almost uncountable number of potential futures arising from the very moment you are in right now will become a history in which you followed a particular course of events.

To see a very inaccurate yet very informative expression of this idea, have a think about how many different decisions and actions got you to this point, right now, wherever you are whilst reading these very words. 

The ‘micron thin’ threads of actions, decisions, avoidances and reactions that got your parents together, those myriad decisions you made in your youth which delivered you to this point; this very point in which you only have one past, one history!

It is worth noting that this concept is incredibly important when we get to discussing techniques later on.  The universal present is made of myriad component “presents”; including yours’ and mine. 

In any number of techniques, it is in these pleural past and future threads which the [modern] shaman works.  By influence and attraction, the shaman attempts to manipulate these temporal threads into a present of his or her choosing; but more on the practicalities of this quite a bit later, we still have a lot of other ground to cover now.

In Summary (So Far)

·  History follows the most energetic route, with less energetic historical branches, those with less energetic futures, withering into non-existence as history follows its path.

·  Only our material universe is linear in nature, possessing a past, present and future.

·  Non-linear realities are ones where change has already and has always happened, even as it happens for the first time!

·  Our linear minds are not equipped for existence in a non-linear reality.

·  Temporal threads are an individual’s pleural branches of potential presents, a potential history.


Observation's role.  When a light wave is observed, it collapses to a particle (Photon) and the moment that happens is now, the present, the moment of actualisation of potential to probability.  It is the membrane of the present, exactly nothing thick yet infinite in width and breadth (impossible I know, but it gets the idea across).

This moment that defines this moment, this now, the point at which anything that might happen becomes the one thing that DID happen.  This is the whole point of observation, to be the impetus behind the process of temporal distillation, the registering of what is to become the official history. 

Temporal distillation is driven by this point of observation, and observation is both chemistry (autonomic) and relative and measuring beyond chemistry (relativistic).  When a shaman works, he often works on bringing about selection of a more favourable outcome for all involved.  By transiting time a little and finding the potential future which holds a better outcome that the one in front of him, he starts to give energy and concentration to the favoured branch.

If he is successful, that preferred, alternate branch will be the "official path" of history and metaphysical manipulation has happened.  It is finding, holding and energising a specific set of outcomes without buggering the whole picture that marks a true shamanic skill.

[1] Entropy – a measure of the increasing disorder that exists within an established system.  Said another way, “evolving things generally get more complex”.


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