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The Three Kingdoms

 of shamanic reality

The concept of three kingdoms covers a LOT of territory!  Essentially it comes in the form of understanding what electrical charge is, how time flows into our universe and the role of observation within reality.  I am going to breeze past concepts that are pretty well accepted in science and only explain those which may be new to many readers.

Time's natural state is without progression, non-linear, without dimension, a classic zero point dimension that is infinite, meaning it is indivisible and totally without any linear reference with which to measure it.

In our physical world, matter has two primary qualities, positive and negative charge, also identified and potential and probability, time and mass, they all work.  Potential has to exist, and probability is in action at every moment we can observe in our physical world.

Potential and Probability are non-linear, therefore infinite.  If something is infinite, it can not interact with something else directly as this means it does not have infinite size or potential.  We have two infinite fields or continuums which need to swap energy to exist, but can not acknowledge each other directly.  This is where our physical world comes in.

Matter is a fancy mechanism for the exchange of energy between Potential and Probability.  It has linear laws (physics) which make it sufficiently different from the non-linear that Potential and Probability can approach the medium of exchange (us) without contravening their own laws.

To do this, linear time is introduced.  Once there is a mechanism of linearity, the basic dimensions of height, width and depth (x, y & z axes) occurred to allow description and enough range for potential to present sufficient alternatives so that probability can identify and resolve the most ENDURINGLY ENERGETIC of all possible paths of history.

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There is one past only, leading to this moment, the point of observation.  Observation is the mechanism where the myriad possible future paths are distilled into the most enduringly energetic possible.

The Lower Kingdom is one of Potential.  Its lower world is one of timeless potential, infinite and non-linear, feeding time into our universe in the form of temporal energy into its upper world.  Its upper world is in a transitional state and becomes 'striated', with each significant mass (think galactic clusters here) in the universe pulling its own strand into being. 

The upper world of the Lower Kingdom is transitional.  It is still primarily non-linear to our purposes, but holds far more potential energy specific to our reality.  The next level is the Middle Kingdom's Lower World, the first where linearity starts to solidly apply to an extent where there is such a thing as past and future, even if they're more guidelines that rules.

Moving from the Upper World of the Middle Kingdom, one enters a boundary state where the outer minds reside, again timeless but with concepts of past and future still available,.. this in the lower world of the upper kingdom, also known as the land of the dead, for this is the realm of spirits and experiences and minds not tied to their physical sources. 

The Upper World of the Upper Kingdom is non-linear infinite and represents the pure expression of probability.

What good is knowing about these realms?  Under very strong protection and support, a shaman may perform 'excursions' into these near realms of the upper and lower kingdoms.  The farthest are beyond any linear mind as they simply have no quality discernable by a linear formed mind, not even the 'loosely linear' spirits of our universe.

I have experience of a very able shaman using Potential 'borrowed' from the upper world of the lower kingdom during a particularly arduous session of healing in which case the patient was attempting recovery from an illness which was at that very moment trying to take her life (the shaman was successful and bought her another four years before the cancer returned to take her - as negotiated at the time between the shaman, the client and the cancer.  More on this later on.

Coming back to the point of observation as the mechanism of temporal distillation is our next section.







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