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Introductory Journeys

The best and most effective way to start journeying is to download a journey track WITH call back (an arrhythmic set of beats at the end) to let you know it is time to come back to 'consensus reality'.  Shamanic journeying is NOT about getting 'out of your head' and should be approached respectfully and SOBER please.  I strongly recommend having a relatively empty stomach (at least a couple of hours away from food) and at least 12 hours away from alcohol and more from any other recreational drug (including marijuana regardless of how spiritual that blend might be!).

Find a space where you are physically comfortable and there is little in the way of distractions.  Sitting in a comfortable chair is my personal preference but many prefer to journey lying on their back.  Wear a comfortable blindfold to eliminate visual input (and ear muffs if you live in a particularly 'industrial environment'.  The aim is to have as few distractions as possible.

Intent is the key to shamanic journeying.  Intent without demand.  I am talking to the novice journeyer here so will explain the process in some detail.  To approach a journey with a demand, trying to force a direction in a journey is an exercise in futility which rarely (never) yields a valuable result.  A good intent is described in each of the journeys on the following pages.

The first journey is in the middle world, our world.  The intent is to simply see what is around you, learning to see and notice what is around you.

The second journey is to the lower world to seek your first animal guide or power animal.  An attitude of calm acceptance and invitation is required, remaining open to your guide presenting to you.  Often the animal may not be the one you might expect.  There is no macho, no ego to your animals.  In shamanic terms, a jaguar is just as good and worthy as a rabbit or a bird.  Each spirit has their own strengths and skills, and many of their species have been on the planet a lot longer than humans, so they are probably worth listening to!

The third journey is to the upper world to seek your first spirit guide.  This journey is accompanied by your animal guide.  They will help you to discern the intent of the presenting spirit.  These guides are not necessarily 'holy', 'pious' or particularly spiritual.  They are normally well defined individualistic entities who require discussion and discernment.  Going it alone makes discernment far harder,.. use your animal guide to assist you - and repeatedly go to the lower world until you have one who agrees to help you find a true guide in the upper world before venturing into that realm.

Last in the list are a few 'ceremonies', none particularly sacred but all powerful and effective in their own rights, especially when combined with a clearly resolved intent to make them so.

Shamanic work is not an exercise in reciting spiritual sounding words with a constipated look on one's face.  There is only one person's opinion who you should ever be worrying about - see the mirror for that identity.  Many false and plastic ceremonies I have been witness to involve so much showmanship and egotism, there is little chance of anything useful coming out of them except in spite of those plastic practitioners. 

I apologise if this sounds overly short and to the point; I find frank statement avoids confusion.  Plastic practitioners tend to confound, speak in semi-broken English and vague terms to make themselves sound more worthy or spiritual.  They are worried about making continually larger and more dramatic gestures, statement and proclamations - all of which mean very little at best.

To recite a question posed in a song a few years ago, "What if God was one of us?, just a stranger on a bus.."; not looking like a huge and beatific being of tremendous power but maybe a smaller and frail old man.  Would you feel a little disappointed that he is less than we imagined?  Remember that He is still God and what you are seeing is your own perception! 

Let this last discussion guide you away from expectations.  Be open and accepting of what you see, allowing your own discernment guide you.  Bon Voyage on your journeys!






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