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Light work indicates practices of both physical (botanicals, potions, song etc) and non-physical skill sets.  The non-physical work is generally limited to journeying for self and others and working on the edge of invoking the energies of others (client not included in this category). 

Basic Healing includes botanical and pharmaceutical / pharmacological knowledge and application, as well as manual therapies.  Just because visceral manipulation or pharmacology is science based, it is as worthy of inclusion in a shaman's repertoire as the ability to journey.

Journeys may be undertaken on behalf of a client, typically with a power animal or guide of that person acting on their behalf with the journeyer.  The reasons for these journeys are varied massively but none require more than observational or casual interaction with the energies of others.  More experienced shaman may also act as a guide for the early journeys of others or joint journeys of whole groups.

Clearing and Cleansing is the application of recognition and intent within a scalar purpose.  Time to simplify?.. Say a teenager has been continually miserable and resentful in the same physical place for a while, a stagnation of intent and energy will build in that area, soon able to produce a mood that continues the production of that energy, building towards higher energetic existence.  A clearing is conducted to return that energy into mobility and movement, something its basic potential is driven towards.  The intent is not one of hostility, but freeing.  Drumming, rattles, symbols, incense and smudging are all common methods used in focussing intent to mobilise stagnant energy.

Counselling in shamanic terms is bringing back and helping interpret information from journeys made for a client.  In no way does this infer psychological training nor does it negate the need for such skills; rather the counsel of the shaman is one of metaphor and self discovery through unbiased journeying and the skills of observation and reporting of those experiences.





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