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Drumming Journeys; 15 & 30 Minute

 with and without call-back in .MP3 and .FLAC formats

Shamanic Journeys by Craig Berry - 232 beat per minute rhythms for shamanic journeying.  Free mp3 download in dual stereo 96 bit quality.  Flac is available.  Drumming (hoop or frame drum) and two rattle types for personal preference and selection.  Open source, payment by donation only.

If you'd like to have a lossless version of any disk in .flac, please email me

If you choose to download and continue to use a track, please consider a small donation of a dollar or two via Paypal to help offset the costs of keeping these tracks freely available.

These files are free to share PROVIDED that they remain unaltered.

Just right click and save the target to download the track, please email me if you have a problem,.. Craig

Disk 1 - Drum Journeys



15 minute drum journey without call back *

15 minute drum journey with call back

30 minute drum journey without call back *

30 minute drum journey with call back

* For those inexperienced with journeying, please use the tracks WITH call back to start off with.



Craig Berry - 1996 - 2010, All rights reserved - reproduction without written permission prohibited.